COVID-19 Regulations at OCAG

June 19, 2021, The OCAG board voted for the following:
The Guild is lifting the mask requirement for VACINATED PEOPLE. We have been able to keep our doors open through the continued adherance to our rules by our members and partrons. We thank you for your cooperation.
We ask that if you are NOT VACCINATED that you continue to take personal responsibility and wear a mask when in the Guild out of respect for, and the protection of, other members and patrons. NOTE: The wearing of masks for children under the age of 12 is optional.

Wendy Kovacs, President/Office Manager

INSTRUCTORS / GROUP MONITORS (Thank you for cooperating with these safety measures!)
COVID-19 Class Regulations at OCAG 2021


  • The kitchen area is still closed for now.
    If you are bringing food/beverage (to be consumed OUTSIDE), please bring it in a cooler bag.
  • Be sure that your students under the age of 12 are adhering to above requirements
  • You will be REQUIRED to sanitize all surfaces that you or your students have come in contact with so that the area is ready for the next class. Wipes will be provided. Thank you!
    This would include:
    - hand railings
    - table surfaces (plastic cloths are provided, wipe down after class)
    - bathroom fixtures, flush levers, hand rails, light switches, paper towel holder, door knobs
    - sink fixtures in studio and upstairs
    - counter tops
    - door knobs on exit doors
    - telephone (if used)