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October Exhibition-Juried Photograph

Date: October 3rd, 2021 - October 31st, 2021

Time: 1:00 PM- 4:00 PM


  Annual Juried Photography Show WINNERS:

Thank you to our participants & congratulations to the 2021 winners.
Best Overall in Show - Purple
1st Place in Each Category - Dark Blue
2nd Place in Each Category - Red
Honorable Mentions—Light Blue

All original works of art are for sale unless otherwise stated.

Andrew Dapuzzo, Breakfast Time, $145
Angela Previte,Great Horned Owl,$150
Dorothy Reid,Swavelle,$175
Elizabeth Schultz,Yellow Eyes, $250
Erin Tobiassen,In Sync,$275
Frank Sargnese,Mighty Young Gorilla, $100
George Morrish,Sweet Pea, $375
Manju Parkavi,Lounging at Noon, $70
Manju Parkavi,Loner, $45
Robert Dowd, Morning Glory, $125
Rosemarie Reinmen, High Above the Tree Tops, $125
Ted Tobiassen, Foggy Morning Flight, $275
Terri Peters, Feels Like a Winter Wind, $250

Angela Previte, Alone in the Storm, $125
Danielle Archdeacon, Sky Between, $150
Elizabeth Schultz, Harbor Fog, $250
Gerald Soslau, View from Above, $200
John Regan, Green Acres, $160
Kris Schoenleber, Thin Air, $250
Kris Schoenleber, This Way and That, $250
Leona Lavone, Cup of Cheer!, $100
Leona Lavone, Edsel - Happy Days, $150
Leona Lavone, Flowers of Life, $100
Marilyn Baldi, A Different World, $395
Debbie Gentile, Seagull Pier, $35
Robert Campbell, Thistle, $150
Susan Powell, Master Ideas, $150
Vicki DeVico, They Call Him Wildfire, $220

Andrew Dapuzzo, Morning Clouds, $145
Andrew Schwarz, Seashell Sunrise, $75
Angela Previte, Ribbon Wreath, $225
Brian Noll, Captain 101, $200
Brian Noll, It's Electric, $200
Brian Noll, Summer Gusto, $200
Danielle Archdeacon, Solace in Nature, $135
Elizabeth Schultz, Boardwalk Night, $250
Erin Tobiassen, Beautiful Buckeye, $225
Frank Sargnese, Rushing Out, $100
Gerald Soslau, Getting Ready, $200
Gerald Soslau, Friends of Island Beach State Park, $200
Jason Rice, Rain Flowers, $300
Joan Myers, Asbury Wave, $500
Joan Myers, Rusty Truck, $500
Joan Myers, Sound of Water, $500
John Regan, 3 Rivers, $180
John Regan, Room with a View, $160
Kris Schoenleber, Hold Tight, $250
Manju Parkavi, Lit at Sunset, $60
Marilyn Baldi, Coming to Enlightenment, $700
Robert Campbell, Monarch, $200
Rosemarie Reinmen, Trio of Tulips, $150
Susan Powell, Inflation, $150
Ted Tobiassen, The Colors in Your Sound, $275

Andrew Dapuzzo, Double Falls, $165
Andrew Schwarz, Calm Round Seas, $125
Danielle Archdeacon, Reflecting on Past Times, $95
Erica Midiri, Surreal Sunset, $250
Erin Tobiassen, Tree Triptych, $225
Frank Sargnese, Swirling Water, $250
George Morrish, Window Shopper, $475
Jason Rice, Morning Coffee Reflection, $300
Jeffrey Heilbrun, Glass Table Top, $150
Jeffrey Heilbrun, Reflections at the Met, $150
Marilyn Baldi, Antique Asian Market, $395
Ted Tobiassen, Early Winter Reflections, $275


Gina - Island Heights, NJ,   Outbound
Elias - Webelo Scout TR Pack 1,   Zapito Caught on Camera
Declan - Webelo Scout TR Pack 1,   Down by the Bay
Kellen - Webelo Scout TR Pack 1,   Random Tree

Andrew - Webelo Scout TR Pack 1,  Apple Picking
Chris - Point Pleasant, NJ,  Rise Up
Marilyn, Manasquan, NJ,  Tiny Surf
Veronica - Whiting, NJ,  Anna Yorkie Love
Kyle - Webelo Scout TR Pack 1,  Acorn by Kyle
Michael - Webelo Scout TR Pack 1,  Reflection
Gina - Island Heights, NJ,   Key West Twins
Vincent - Webelo Scout TR Pack 1,   All Trails Lead Back to One
Marilyn - Manasquan, NJ,  The Swaggy B.
Carter - Webelo Scout TR Pack 1,   Country of the Brave
Liam - Webelo Scout TR Pack 1,   America
Chris - Point Pleasant, NJ,   A View from My Porch

November Exhibiton

Date: November 7th, 2021 - November 28th, 2021

Time: 1:00 PM- 4:00 PM

Gallery 1: Printmaking Group 
The Artist
Printmaking is flourishing in the modern world and is popular with traditional artists as well as graphic and digital artists. The medium is old but the dynamic visual imagery is fresh and appealing to those who appreciate the time and effort involved in creating a print.

Printmaking is flourishing in the modern world and is popular with traditional artists as well as graphic and digital artists. The medium is old but the dynamic visual imagery is fresh and appealing to those who appreciate the time and effort involved in creating a print.

The Printmakers of the Ocean County Artists Guild, Leslie Ovechka, Arlette Malivernier, Joan Adams, Cassie Krauss and Jo Guscott, are skilled in the techniques of relief linoleum block printing. This is created by cutting away the design drawn on the block after each color is rolled out and pressed by hand on a sheet of paper. It is a time consuming task and the medium itself plays a direct part in the outcome. The artist is never sure if the original idea will be produced. Much of the excitement for the artist is just that. So much of the process can alter the final print; such as the amount of ink rolled onto the block, the viscosity of the ink, the pressure applied to the paper on the block, etc. Then, in the end, the printmaker is left with a used block which has fulfilled its purpose. The results can be exquisite and each hand pulled print is an original and unique piece. Like a pair of twins, for example, the edition of prints are alike but different.



Gallery 2: Leona Lavone
The Wallpaper Art is created on actual wallpaper using a verity of materials, tissue paper, wrapping paper, acrylics, watercolor crayons, some paint markers, modeling paste and gesso.
It's a FUN way to create art! The Wall Paper Art panels are extremely easy to change with the seasons or anytime you just want a change of mood or color. They are also great to hang on door to liven up the space.
I also love these panels because you can just roll them up for quick easy storage.  No glass. No heavy frames. Easy-Peasy!! Size is approximately 21" wide by 4 feet long. Basically as wide as the wallpaper and as long as you like.


Studio Gallery: Artists' Choice

Book Signing for Ken Stauffer and Emily O'Shea

Date: November 27th, 2021

Time: 1:00 PM- 4:00 PM

BOOK SIGNING for Ken Stauffer and Emily O’Shea
November 27, 2021 from 1:00 – 4:00 PM 

Several years ago, I had the privilege of having Emily O’Shea in my teen class at OCAG. She was my student from ages 13 to 18, after which she began as a student at Rochester Institute of Technology. Always an animal lover, she was able to capture the essence of her subject. I am proud to have been a small part of her achievements as an artist. Having already successfully illustrated one children’s book, she is illustrating her second, “Bear Learns to Play Alone”, with real dog friends, Bear and Ziggy. Both dogs are rescues that were placed in homes by Best Friends Forever in Brick, NJ. 

The author and his wife Carol are close friends of mine, so when Ken thought he would write this book, I immediately suggested Emily as illustrator and introduced them. 

Kens bio: Ken Stauffer was an electrical engineer who decided to write a childrens book about his dog, Bear. Ken was born and raised in Tanzania; East Africa then came to the US at age 13. He has worked as a Stage Manager in the professional theater, as a researcher / developer at Bell Labs, and then became an entrepreneur, founding several companies and serving as CEO. Nothing in Kens background would have foretold of his writing of a childrens book. 

Emilys bio: Emily O'Shea is a college student at Rochester Institute of Technology, majoring in New Media Design.  She loves all creatures big and small, but especially adorable, furry ones. Above all, she loves working with 2D imagery and vector graphics as well as incorporating animation into her work, but shes always open to learning new skills! Aside from design work, she also loves working on her own personal illustrations, and her first illustrated children's book, "Becoming Miss Maisy May" is out now! 

Book Description Bear Learns to Play Alone is a wonderful, heartfelt story of friendship between two rescued dogs who grew up close to each other. When Ziggy cant come to visit, Bear has to make do on his own, playing with his toys -- but its not the same.  Bear learns that life is so much better with real friends   

Bear is a Cockapoo; he is a mix of Cocker Spaniel and Poodle. He was a rescue from Best Friends Forever (BFF) in Brick, NJ. His parents are Ken and Carol Stauffer, who adopted him at 7 months of age. He lives in his home by Silver Bay, NJ and loves to play with his toys, go walking in the neighborhood, go boating and swimming, but his best pastime is playing with his BFF Ziggy. Bears newest friend is Emily OShea, who illustrated the book and captured his personality perfectly. 

Ziggy is a Sato living in Brick, NJ. Born in Puerto Rico, Ziggy was rescued when he was just a few weeks old and brought back to New Jersey by BFF Dog Rescue NJ. Since his adoption, Ziggy has spent his days running around the yard, going for long walks, and stealing his fur- parents' socks. Ziggy also loves to go for swims and get into trouble with his favorite partner- in-crime, Bear. Even though Ziggy has had a few surgeries and physical therapy for his legs, it hasn't seemed to slow him down yet! 


December Victorian Open House

Date: December 4th, 2021

Time: 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM

Galleries 1 and 2: Small Art (pieces 9 x 12 and under)

Studio Paintings ($75 and under)

Member's Juried Show

Date: February 7th, 2022 - February 28th, 2022

Time: 1:00 PM- 4:00 PM

  Member’s Juried Show 2022

It’s time to tune up the energy in your art studio! The Gallery Committee, chaired by Jo Guscott, is planning to hold a Juried Member’s Show in February 2022. This show will be hung throughout the entire downstairs area of the Guild and we will need a commitment to participate from 50 members for this show to go forward. If we do not meet this goal the show will not go forward. Each member is allowed up to two entries, $30.00 for one, $45.00 for two. The judge will be named at a later date.

We will accept paintings, drawings, prints, mixed media and sculpture. No photography. All work must be original. Two-dimensional work must be framed, matted, and wired for hanging. Only gallery canvases (1 ½ inches deep) will be accepted unframed. The edge must be painted. No other unframed 2-d will be accepted.

This is a wonderful opportunity to display your highest level of talent with fellow members in a display for the public.

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Landscape/interior
  • Still-life/floral
  • Abstract/innovative
  • Animal/wildlife
  • Best in show
  • Potrait/figure

A sign-up sheet will be available in the Studio Gallery. A prospectus will be available soon. We hope you plan to participate.

For additional information you may contact Tamara at