2021 Photography Club

Winter provides photographers with its own unique set of challenges.  Some of our comfort is lost as we face the colder elements Mother Nature uses to balance out our environment.  However, the intrepid soul of a photographer improvises, over comes and adapts to the scene entering their lens. To that end, here are some upcoming items that will assist us in our pursuits: 

  1. Sunday - February 7, 2021 – Allaire State Park’s Dinosaurs.  Yes, that’s correct “DINO’s” on Super Bowl Sunday!  There is an ongoing art project located at Allaire that features 5 (to date) fossil sculptures of the pre-historic creatures.  While Allaire is just outside our county borders, I think its close enough and interesting enough for us to visit.  There will be the exposure to wildlife, mostly in the form of mountain bikers.  Make no mistake, they move quickly and we will be using their paths that they frequent regularly.  Could easily be an additional photo-op! 

The meet-up will start at 11AM, I have attached a map for our meeting location. Allaire has several parking lots so be sure to find the one identified on the map. We will be assembling in the parking lot and then walking the trail to their location.    The trail is rated as “easy” but it will require some exercise, so please pack light, dress warm and be prepared to walk a bit.   Look for my car (Brown Ford Flex, which is almost as big as one of the dinosaurs).  Send me an email if you are a definite attend.  We will wait in the parking lot for those who have confirmed attending and then head out as a pack.  On the day of the meet up I can be reached on my cell at 732-606-2281.  We will share our images back at the Guild on Wednesday February 24th starting at 6PM. 

Map for Take a Hike

Check out this tip guide from Nikon on shooting in the cold.  A good refresher. 

  1. Future Meet-ups – I have quite a few planned.  We will be visiting an aviation hangar & vintage planes, maybe a zoo, and we will be revisiting Cattus Island Park in Toms River.  All before June.  This summer will see scheduling at a few locations focused on our beloved Atlantic Ocean, Jersey Beaches and the Bay. 
  1. Sweetwaters Café – The Guild hung their first show at the Café in January.  The space is really nice and the owner is excited to help the arts.  It’s truly a win-win environment.  As disclosed in the first notes from the darkroom, we are set to exhibit our work there this July.  The content of our show will be images captured during our meet-ups.  So that’s an extra incentive to come out and join us.  If you have made one of the meet-ups already, please forward me your images.  I want to build an inventory for the July show.  By May, we will collectively create a selection process of images for inclusion at Sweetwaters.  Stay tuned for those details.   
  2. Instagram 
    1. A location that I think could be really cool and worth shooting is an old cemetery.  There are some really intriguing elements routinely located on its grounds.   Recently, I started following @historicgreenwood.  It’s a turn of the century cemetery in Brooklyn, NY.  They are a very active Instagram contributor.  It would be great if you viewed its photo roll and share some thoughts.  I can easily envision planning a trip to one of Ocean County’s older sites.  I believe it would be a great stretch for photographers and if you want to create something unique, you need environments outside the normal.   
    2. I have been asking everybody to follow us @photographyattheguild.  A lot is happening on the site and I would like to highlight some more images by our talented crew.  So, for the next few weeks please send me some new pictures of what you have been shooting.  All images will be properly credited to the creator. 
  3. Dues - if you have not already renewed, please do so.  A lot of what will be planned and occur will be based on our membership renewals. 
    Please visit the Guild’s web page and renew. Not a member yet? Join the Guild here.   Thank you to all who already have. 

Stay safe everyone and thank you for supporting the Guild.  

– Bill McNamara / wc.mcnamara@gmail.com