2022 August Exhibit-James Doremus

Gallery 1 James Doremus

Jim, an award-winning artist, attended The School of Visual Arts in New York City from 1965thru 1967. He never pursued the life of an artist choosing instead to marry and raise a family. Growing up in North Jersey, Jim started a career in the commercial printing industry eventually relocating his family to a small town in Upstate New York where they enjoyed living a quiet life in the foothills of the Adirondack mountains. He and his wife eventually purchased and operated a small commercial printing company of their own turning it into a very successful enterprise. In 1986 they decided to sell the business and return to North Jersey to be closer to their aging families. Both he and his wife continued in the printing trade until the tragedy of September 2001. Jim left the printing industry and went to work for the FBI in their physical Security Unit eventually working as an Investigative Specialist in Counter Terrorism. After retiring from the FBI at the age of 64 he began working in a local hospital as a Security Officer before completely retiring in 2017. Now residing full time in New Jersey, Jim spends his time working on his art and playing golf with his friends.
When Jim began drawing again in 2017, he was commissioned to do numerous pet portraits in the unique style of drawing known as pointillism achieving beautiful results in black and white. He works from both digital and printed photographs supplied by the customer.
Each piece is carefully drawn by hand and is usually completed in approximately two weeks’ time depending on his schedule and that of the framer. All original art is done with permanent ink and produced on quality archival art stock. In addition to doing portraits of pets Jim has been commissioned to produce drawings of homes, landscapes, lighthouses, landmarks, boats and numerous other things.
In 2019 Jim expanded his repertoire, encouraged by many of his fellow artists, and is now also working in watercolor also finding much success in this arena. He currently works at his art in several local Art Guilds near his home in New Jersey and also in Florida during the winter months.
Jim’s work has been seen in many local, regional and state rt shows and exhibitions resulting in numerous awards and commissions throughout New York, New Jersey, California and Florida.