2022 July Exhibit-David Levy


Galleries 1 & 2

David Levy-Order Please

David Levy "Order Please"

I love the purity of geometric forms, crisp and elegant line, a few bold colors and the visual record of brushstroke. ln synthesizing these elements I wish to visually please, provoke, and, on occasion, perplex my audience; but always to engage and teach them. lwant my art to provide a kind of visual aerobics tor viewers'eyes. ln addition, by working in series I ask the viewer to compare, contrast, and analyze each work to detect the differences and, in a sense, to consider the many decisions artists must make. 

I have organized much of my work utilizing two seemingly contradictory visual systems:one that creates the illusion of three-dimensional space through juxtaposing patterns, perspective, overlapping forms, size diminution, and another that emphasizes the flat, planar, two-dimensional quality of the front plane of the work. "Engineered Abstraction" is a term I have used to describe my art;two dimensional pattern coexisting with a realized three-dimensionality or the illusion of such.

I believe that the recognition and visualcompletion of pattern is natural and pleasurable to many of us, as is the appreciation of the illusion of three-dimensionality, by using a system consistent with the manner in which we see. To seamlessly employ both simultaneously remains a cornerstone of my vision. Line, shape, color, and texture have meanings and can move the viewers' eyes as well as their hearts, quite apart from their representational roles. I seek to harness those for the viewer. But most of all I hope to impart to them the passion I feelfor my subject, and the joy and fun of examining and reexamining my art.