David Levy

David states "I love the purity of geometric forms, crisp and elegant line, a few bold colors and the visual record of brushstroke. In combining these things I wish to visually please, provoke, and, on occasion, perplex my audience, but always to engage them. I want my paintings to provide a kind of visual aerobics for viewers’ eyes; to entice them, to repeatedly scan and measure them, but also to discover patterns that help to make the painting seem flat and abstract. I also want my viewers to appreciate the illusion of spatial depth that I suggest. Ideally, the paintings should be understood and enjoyed, both two dimensionally and three-dimensionally. This tug of war between two dimensions and three dimensions, a delightful duet, creates an uneven balance. In the same manner, geometric abstraction has been coupled with a clearly engineered architectural realism. I believe that the recognition and completion of pattern is natural and pleasurable to many of us, as is the appreciation of the illusion of three dimensions. To seamlessly employ both simultaneously remains a cornerstone of my vision. Line, shape, color, and texture have meanings—can move the viewers’ eyes as well as their hearts—quite apart from their representational roles. Although I seek to harness those responses, most of all I hope to impart the passion I feel for my subject and the joy and fun of examining and re-examining a painting."