Dot Johnson - The Joy of the Still-Life November 2020

Gallery 1: Dot Johnson - "The Joy of the Still Life" There is so much beauty in all of our lives. It is in the simple things around us. The colorful foods we eat, the handwoven baskets made by artisans, the pottery, the flowers, plants and vegetables in our own backyards. These everyday objects make me want to tell the world I’m here, I see what you offer me. I feel alive and inquisitive when I look at you. Trying to capture the beauty of the everyday things I see is why I paint.

Watercolor is a medium that permits me to play with the hardness of a garden trowel to the softness of a pussy willow. It helps me create the rich deep purple in an eggplant and the muted shades and loose background colors of the “Still Life.” I choose to paint “Still Life” because I am always seeing new angles, shapes and perspective. They challenge me to capture what I can of their beauty. I try to capture the peace and tranquility of what I see and feel when painting them. They give me a reason to wake up every morning ready to tackle a new project. I hope that people viewing my show will feel some of what I try to capture.