Mariellen Smith - Watercolor Wanderer November 2020

Mariellen Smith - Watercolor Wanderer - I always wanted to be an art teacher, so while in high school, I saved all of my electives for my senior year. All of them were in art. At the fall show, I was creating a watercolor, when my instructor told me that it wasn’t too bad considering that I had no talent. I was devastated and became an elementary school teacher instead. I did that for thirty years.
I didn’t pick up a brush for many decades. One year we had so many blizzards in northern NJ, that I bought a painting magazine and bought some supplies. I was thrilled. For many years I dabbled in acrylics. I moved to Toms River five years ago. I stood on my porch and said to no one in particular, “I want a watercolor teacher.” About two months later, I noticed a woman, taking a picture of my front porch. She was embarrassed but explained that she was my neighbor, a watercolor artist, and she wanted to paint my porch. That was over three years ago, and I’ve taken weekly lessons from Rose Sinatra ever since. The first art contest that I entered was last year’s OCC Senior Show. I received an honorable mention in watercolor and was thrilled. I’m an interfaith minister and have given over 80 paintings away. It feels like what I’m called to do. This is my first gallery exhibit and I’m thrilled