Student Testimonials

 Sculpting w/Air Drying Clay (on-going) Kids 10+ Saturday

Helen Webster (732-730-3688)

  • “She has the best personality to work with kids. My daughter and I use the techniques learned in class. My daughter is excited to join the next class available.”
  • “Lizzie enjoyed sculpting at class and we will surely take more classes.”

Children's Art

Alison Amelchenko (732-892-3797)

  • “My son is passionate about art and eager to learn how to master techniques and media where is weak, as well as improve in the areas where his talent exceeds. Ms. Alison is patient and thorough and willing to guide hiim in pursuit of his art.”
  • "I love art! It is very fun and I love Miss Alison's classes every week."
  • "Ms. Alison is a phenomenal human being. My daughter loves seeing her every week. For two years she has given my daughter, Mabel, a wonderful artistic experience! She has grown in many wonderful ways because of the wonderful Ms. Alison. Hold on to her as a teacher, especially the little ones she is so amazing with" 
    Amanda McKenna


Knitting/Crochet (Wednesdays)

Helen Webster (732-730-3688)

  • “Helen is a very good teacher and explains everything very thoroughly.”
  • “Good introduction to knitting. Good individual instruction. Pleasant group to work with.”

Acrylics Beginner
Kimberly Cesaretti

  • “I had a great time. Teacher and classmates were very nice. Kim was a great teacher.”
  • “Everyone is friendly. We learned from each other. Kim explored everything, and compliments everyone on something. Helps individually. Great personality makes it fun.”
  • “Kim is an excellent teacher along with making class fun and inspiring. Definitely recommend this class.”
  • “Been taking this class for several seasons. Kim is a fabulous art teacher and so Helpful.”
  • “Kim is a great teacher. I like that she paints and then walks around the class to give helpful suggestions. She is always positive, and you can tell she knows her craft.”

Teen Art 13+
Carol Colvin

  • “I am absolutely inspired to go home and pursue my art. Carol goes above and beyond in her teaching. I have taken this class for the last 7 years and Carol has increased my artistic abilities dramatically.
    Carol and I have become very close and I look forward to class every week.”
  • “I love this class so much!  I’ve grown so much with my art here!”

Do Your Own Thing with Instruction
Carol Colvin

  • “Being in this relaxing atmosphere does wonders for my thought process. Easy going and friendly atmosphere. Love it!”
  • “Excellent guide and inspirer. Knowledgeable but honors each students style. Subtle help and guidance. Allows us to grow and blossom!”.
  • “Great class! I expect to continue it .Love Carol!!"
  • “Like the idea that people can approach different kinds of media.  Good class.”
  • “Very attentive to each student. Always helps with wonderful instruction and suggestions. Wonderful instruction and very supportive. Carol can give the criticism you need to learn, to listen to and make you feel wonderful about your progress.”
  • I really like the class because I only started painting a few years ago and Carol has taught me so much, especially about mixing colors and the flow of paint. She is very patient and takes time to help.

Oil Painting

Kimberly Cesaretti

  • “Additional one on one time with each student.”
  • “I learned how to mix oil colors, how to determine the values of my subjects and most important how to paint the illusion of glass transparency.”
  • “This is one of the best classes I have taken..For Sure!!! Perhaps the best.!”


Pastel Landscape

Renee Leopardi

  • “Well organized …expert instruction, helps each student….learned a great deal.”
  • “Enjoyed it very much. Renee is very helpful.”
  • “Renee is a talented artist who tries to appeal to each student individually. She is a thoughtful teacher. She goes out of her way to help each student”
  • “Renee is a talented pastel artist and an excellent teacher. She inspired me to continue with my pastel painting with more hints and insights in the medium each week.”
  • “Renee is an excellent instructor and helps each student. Many techniques presented were challenging. I am glad I learned a different approach to pastel painting.”
  • I'm glad I attended and learned a different way to approach pastel painting which is great. Definitely recommend Renee continue teaching."
  • “Demonstrations were very helpful. Positive input. Enjoyed the class.”
  • “Learned a lot! Loved the subject and material.”
  • “Renee is very talented as an artist and teacher. She worked with every person and her demos were very clear and easy to understand at all times engaging.”


Paper Making
Catie Kohl

  • “The class was very inspirational and very informative. Many handouts were given. Good class.”
  • “Very interesting and will pursue at home.”
  • “Caitie gave inspiration to continue at home.” Informative material on the history of papermaking and current trends"


Pauline Mickle

  • “Highly recommended---something for all levels---never boring!”
  • “Pauline is my favorite watercolor teacher. She is totally prepared, constructive criticism, and a joy to be with. Love her and her class.”
  • “Fun! Informative!”
  • “Great teacher! Great Class.”
  • “Pauline is an inspiring instructor. She recognizes differences in all students and is abundant in knowledge of her medium.”
  • “Class was given a subject to paint. This helps me to go home and complete a painting on the subject. Great class.”
  • “it was a pleasure to be part of Pauline’s classes. She helps everyone just to participate in the class. Truly an enjoyable time.”
  • “Pauline always presented an interesting class with a commentary of her experiences.”
  • “Pauline Mickle is inspirational. Her love of the art is evident. She always finds the good and makes trying something new fun. It's all about learning and the process....making fear of failure a non factor!“
  • “Love Pauline's style of teaching. She is so kind and knowledgeable. Helpful critiques and individual attention to all. Well planned & demonstrated. I have taken this class many times for many years and always benefit from the experiences. I can see the progress in my work.”
  • “Pauline is a very generous and talented teacher . She is a delight to work with.”
  • “I love Pauline’s classes. She explains and encourages all wherever one might be.  I look forward to taking more classes with her.”
  • “Easygoing , but productive and inspiring.”



Joseph Rogine

  • "Joe is a patient and through instructor. He knows his subject matter & is able to easily convey the drawing process to his students. I have taken his class for many years and will continue next session."
  • "I am inspired to practice what I learned in class at home. I learned how to see objects in relationship to one another."
  • "Joe is patient, very informative and encouraging. I enjoyed the class, the ambiance and our classmates. I would definitely take his class again."
  • "I have taken almost every session since January 2017. He is an excellent teacher. He spends time with each student individually. He targets each discussion with each student to explain exactly what each student needs to understand about the project. I have learned an incredible amount since I started taking Joseph's drawing class. And it doesn't matter how many times we take the class, we continue to learn and grow and improve."
  • "I love the class!"

Beginner Watercolor
Linda Lafferty

  • Liked the teacher and class very much. I horoughly enjoyed my Monday evenings. I felt encouraged o try new things and grew as a result.
  • LOVED the class and would absolutely take again! Class description was acurate. It was exactly what I wanted. Lida Lafferty is a 'superb' instructor with a wonderful personality. It was a true pleasure attending her classes.
  • I loved Linda's approach to watercolors and encouragement to paint more freely.
  • Her teaching inspired me to paint more at home.