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February 3, 2022 contribution by Amelia

We want to thank a young lady, Amelia, for her contribution to this page.
The world is filled with fun facts and we are happy to share Ameila’s with all of you.

Geography Games and Virtual Travel Through the USA

Written by Cassie Parker

Field trips are exciting and can provide great experiences for both children and adults. Although in-person field trips are always an adventure, they can be costly, difficult to plan, and weather-dependent. This is where virtual field trips can come into play as a wonderful alternative. There are countless places to visit across the United States, and many of them have online tours. You can choose a couple or experience all that the country has to offer by taking a virtual road trip across the country from the comfort of your home!

Geography Games and Virtual Travel Through the USA | TitleMax



Famous Landmarks and National Parks of Wyoming


HIGHLIGHTS TOUR of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Chicago Botanic Gardens

Every year, more than one million people visit the Chicago Botanic Garden, which boasts 385 acres of land with 27 gardens and four natural areas, including an English Oak Meadow, the Plant Science Centre, Rose Garden, the Japanese Garden, and a renowned Bonsai Collection.

The Chicago Botanic Garden is owned by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County and operated by the Chicago Horticultural Society.


 Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ

Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey is a 42-acre sculpture garden and arboretum. With changing exhibits, workshops, concerts, dining and shopping, Grounds For Sculpture is your entrance to the arts.

13. Stop and smell Van Gogh’s flowers

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has the biggest collection of Vincent van Gogh’s works in the world. This Dutch painter is famous for his post-impressionist works. Take a virtual tour of the museum’s galleries and explore over 150 of his paintings, including “Irises”, “Sunflowers”, and “Almond Blossom.”


Galleria dell’Academia (Florence, Italy)

Michaelangelo Buonarroti, David, 1501-1504. Image Credit: Mateus Campos Felipe via Unsplash
The Galleria dell’Accademia, despite being on the small size compared to other museums featured, is still the second most visited museum in Italy, in large part due to its display of perhaps the most famous sculpture in history — Michaelangelo’s statue of David.

The Vatican Museum

The Vatican Museum website has seven virtual tours including a 360-degree view of the famous Sistine Chapel.

The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

Featuring works from the eighth through to the 21st century, The J. Paul Getty Museum houses its collection in one of Los Angeles’s most striking buildings, with sweeping views of the city. Though visitors may not be able to appreciate either of those features in person, Google allows you to view nearly 16,000 pieces from the museum’s extensive holdings, including Rembrandt’s Rembrandt Laughing, Renoir’s La Promenade and Van Gough’s Irises.


Explore the “Eternal City of Rome” with Rick Steves

Tour of Rome


Transport yourself to Melbourne in the blink of an eye and marvel at the National Gallery of Victoria’s (NGV) impressive art collection on a virtual curator-led tour. With an abundance of virtual tours to choose from, now’s your chance to soak up the magnificent artwork houses on these famed walls.

British Museum, London (click the photo to start your tour)

This iconic museum located in the heart of London allows virtual visitors to tour the Great Court and discover the ancient Rosetta Stone and Egyptian mummies.

“Please enjoy touring through the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. This image seemed to express, not only the sorrow of service members lost and honored on this Memorial Day, but also the sadness in the human loss from the Coronavirus. Stay safe everyone!”


Smithsonian American Art Museum (click the photo to start your tour)

Miss strolling through a museum? There is enough here to keep you busy for the next week!

Smithsonian American Art Museum


Short Tour of the World

(The guild does not endorse Gate 1. We are only sharing for your viewing pleasure)


Thank You Bill Kobaz for this contribution!
Surrealist master Salvador Dali was born on this day in 1904! Take a virtual tour of the Dali Museum in Catalonia, Spain.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

  The High Line, New York City