7/23/23-Tools for Improving Composition (Scott Maier Artists network)
Mastering composition can be a challenge. Nothing beats repeated work and intentional practice, but these tools can be a big help! Tools like grids, proportional dividers, and the golden ratio, can help create stronger designs in your work, laying a groundwork from which you’ll discover your own approach to composition.

View Catcher

A standard tool for many artists, view finders like this help to visualize compositions when working from live. Using the slider, it assists artists in finding their preferred cropping of the subject

Great for Sketching and painting from life


Golden Ratio Finder

Use a finder like this to arrange subjects in your work according to the Golden Ratio. The transparent overlay can be used to observe the Golden Ratio in nature or in your work as the composition is developed.

Great for Painting or sketching from life.


Divided Viewfinder

Easily find the center of your composition as well as other divisions in your subject to explore the “Rule of Thirds” with this viewfinder.

Great for Applying the “rule of thirds” to your composition Drawing


Proportional Divider

Proportional dividers make great tools for composition, allowing for an easy comparison of various shapes in a work. Whether working on representational or abstract work, understanding the spatial relationships between forms is important and these tools make it easy!