Everyone is amazing. My life has been enriched since joining the guild. I have met so many amazing people who really made me feel so very welcome and I thank them for that.
Michele Gorman

Joining the Artsts’ Guild has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made! Because of the pleasant,
welcoming environment among likeminded people my confidence as an artist has grown by leaps and bounds! I am enjoying my newly acquired position as Gallery Chairperson, and now I spend every Thursday at my “happy place”. It’s great therapy!
Janet Frederiksen

Coming home! My husband passed away and my friend Sandy took my clay pottery shed and I needed a place with like minds in Art and Spirit. Do Your Own Thing was and still is that place. Creative minds, open hearts, and listening ears welcomed me and surrounded me with love.
Nancy Lanzel

Thursday is my day with family and friends. Enjoying painting and socializing. I just love it!

I joined the group of “Do Your Own Thing” at the guild 30 years ago when I retired from teaching art. It has been an important part of my life ever since, second only to my family. It is a great source of help, inspiration, and love.
MaryJo Austin

Although I have been a Guild member for over 10 years this is my first year with the DYOT group. Attending was the best choice I’ve made this year. What a great group of people/artists. We talk, we laugh, we celebrate, we do our art. It doesn’t get any better.
Tamara Woronczuk

Having recently relocated to the Jersey Shore area I was in search of an artist group in the area where I could work on my projects in the company of other creatives. The moment I walked into the Ocean Artists’ Guild building I knew I had found my new creative home. “Do Your Own Thing” Thursdays is exactly what I was looking for. Everyone made me feel welcome from the first time I participated. Thursdays at the Guild are fast becoming one of my favorite gatherings.
Gail Stevancsecz

Thursdays DYOT is a great time at the Guild. Wonderful to be with likeminded artists where you can bring what you are working on. I’ve completed ornaments, shells and cards. Everyone is always helpful, friendly and welcoming. Artists need to be around others for inspiration, to chat and advise. This Thursday group is the place!
Debi Heyck

I have been an active member of the OCAG since 2009. I always knew about the DYOT group but never actually had the time to join with other duties in my life both personal and guild. This year, after Tamara and Francine’s suggestion after a health bout I finally made it! I can’t tell you how glad I did. To quote some of the other’s “it’s like coming home”, of course minus my recliner. This is definitely a “Happy Place”. And yes, we actually do get work done.
Carol Ann Oporto

When I retired from teaching in 1998, I joined the OCAG and became a member of the Thursday DYOT group. It gave my life a new purpose. I attended many workshops and classes and happily expanded my social circle.
Ellen Scharfenberg