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1005, 2024

Cool Beans Coffee House Exhibit Opportunities

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The Ocean County Artists Guild will be hanging art every other month (even months).
Scheduled Dropoff & Pick-up dates

  • We are limited to 5 pieces each turn. One piece per artist.
  • If I receive more than 5, I will need to randomly choose from the lot.
  • With the dates for drop-off, I have suggested some themes to coincide with the months to grab attention. They are only suggestions, and your art does not need to coincide with the theme.
  • Make sure you wire each with a strong wire and secure eye or u hook and no lower than 1/3 from the top. They must be wired.  Art cannot be larger than 20″ x 24″ with frame or frameless.   hanging-guidelines-2.pdf (
905, 2024

Sweetwaters Pickup & Dropoff Dates

By |May 9, 2024|Alerts, ArtBeat, Current Events, OCAG News|

OCAG will be collecting pieces for Sweetwaters for the 2024 shows on Thursday and Friday. Scheduled Dropoff & Pick-up dates

Members are allowed to submit up to two pieces, $5 per piece.

As always, please remember to properly wire your pieces and note there is a size limitation for Sweetwaters pieces. Pieces must fit in a travel bin, so the smallest size cannot be longer than 19”.

Email Beatriz (office) with questions at

904, 2024


By |April 9, 2024|ArtBeat, Current Events|

County Shows – New Jersey Senior Citizen Art Show (
We are grateful for the commitment and dedication of the local County Coordinators, their partners and their respective agencies. The artwork showcased in New Jersey’s annual Senior Citizen Art Show are all First Place winners from County Senior Art Shows held earlier in the year. In 2024, twenty of the State’s twenty-one counties are participating in the 2024 Statewide exhibit.

Any artist – new or established – who’s aged 60 or older, living in New Jersey and interested in learning more about their county’s Senior Citizen Art Show, should reach out to the County Coordinator listed for their respective County, below.

Congratulation to our Guild member, Elizabeth Schultz.



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