Leona Lavone’s Watercolor Classes – 2023 Summer Session

My name is Ramona. I’m a student at the Artist Guild taking Watercolor classes. 
I highly recommend taking classes here. The teachers are talented, professional, and friendly.  I just completed a Watercolor class with Leona Lavone. I’ve taken her classes before, and each time I learn new techniques and getting more confident as I paint. When Leona paints, she makes watercoloring look so easy! Also, the people in the classes are so nice too.
Before coming to the Artist Guild a few years back, I hadn’t painted in over 40 years since college! My career in design was all on AutoCAD so holding a paintbrush never happened. It’s fun painting again! Ramona W.

What I liked the most in Leona’s class is the subtle way that she introduces watercolor strategies and techniques.
Gentle suggestions to improve paintings scattered with sublime laughter. She has helped me to relax and enjoy painting again. Aida F.

Leona’s classes mini-series class is fun and exciting. We painted 4-4×6 and 5×7 of the same picture using the same pallet. All finished paintings are different, yet the same. This is an amazing, creative project that allows you to focus on composition and value. Painting “loose as a goose” also inspires creativity. You learn several techniques on what watercolor can do! There are excellent classes especially if you paint “tight” and need to make your paintings feel fresh—highly recommend! Lorraine M.

In Leona’s watercolor class “Loose as a Goose-July” I learned different techniques on how to use your brush to create soft textures with pigment while managing the flow of water on the paper. It taught me to view subject matter in a different light and how to create with imagination as a guide. Most importantly to relax and have fun. I thoroughly enjoyed her class. Laurie L.

In Leona’s Wednesday morning “Summer Watercolor-July” classes I feel I had a personal growth as an artist learning how to create compositions using value with the contrast of dark and light, including how to compose a watercolor so that your eye is focused on a detail to draw you into the painting. This included knowing where to place objects within the picture dividing the paper into different perspectives. Her knowledge and advise assisted me to improve. I also liked the different pictures and photos Leona provided to the class to study and interpret.
I was very happy to take this class and would highly recommend it. Laurie L.

 Marilyn B., “Summer Watercolor-July”

Barbara N. “Summer Watercolor-July”