Gallery Opening Reception-July 9

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Gallery opening reception is July 9th from 1-4 PM. Check out the preview video on YouTube 

Studio – Theme is “Inside & Out”

Gallery 1 & 2– Ocean County College student show “Works from Italy”
The Study Abroad in Italy was a trip of a lifetime for many students. Students from Art and Science classes were able to see up close the beauty and scientific wonders of Italy. The historical history behind all of the culture was astounding.
This trip lead students through some of the most beautiful and interesting aspects of Italy. The Sistine Chapel, Forum, Colosseum, Pantheon, Vatican Museums, Leonardo daVinci Museum and the Museum Galileo are just some of the many sites they visited on their 15-day trip. Students took photographs and some made sketches of some of the sites and sculptures. The students discussed their excitement and personal experience with each other. As part of their school assignment each student presented a brief presentation of each site we visited. Everyone was able to study, understand the rich culture of Rome, Florence and all the other places visited by them. At the end of the trip everyone spoke about returning again in the future.

Pop-Up Gallery – Clay Group – hand build clay sculptures “Mud Pies”

Burnishing stoneware clay with a smooth stone before firing, was a technique developed by Native Americans in the South West—also, independently, in the Canary Islands.  It was almost lost until revived in the last century by archaeologists and carried on by the Martínez family of potters. 

     After firing, the burnish can be further deepened by hand rubbing.  Both the burnishing and rubbing can be used as a form of meditation.  Hand building a pot is also a form of meditation, a centering experience like that of centering on a wheel.


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