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The Gallery Opening for December will be on Saturday, December 2nd to coordinate with the “Kris Kringle Kraft Fair” (hours 10 a – 4 PM).
Please plan to stop by and start your Christmas shopping and view the art of our members in all three galleries as well. 

“Gilded”-Touch of Gold
       As we approach the 50th Anniversary of the Ocean County Artist’s Guild, we reflect back on its rich history in Island Heights.  It speaks of Golden memories shared by dedicated founders, who paved the way for the Victorian Lady to be what it is today. A welcoming place where artists are encouraged, inspired and supported in pursuing their artistic endeavors. The Artist’s Guild’s mission seeks to promote and cultivate the Arts in Ocean County and the surrounding communities!
       Mark Twain once termed the phrase, “gilded age” of society. It referred to the appearance of wealth despite the reality of the thinly veiled, highly prevalent poverty of the times.  It suggested an age of much lavishness and excess, especially within the world of fashion and lifestyles of the day.  Ordinary objects were often ornately decorated with thin layers of precious metals including gold, in order to beautify them, so that they appeared to be of more value. They became instant masterpieces. This process of covering something in thin layers of gold or gold leaf became known as “gilding!”
       All throughout history, artists have used gold leaf to decorate their pieces of art. Egyptian and Chinese cultures were some of the first artisans to be masters of gilding. They would gild anything from textiles and pottery to ornamental wood. The Romans gilded ceilings of palaces, vaults, even walls inside the homes of those who could afford it.  Gold was thought to be the color of the gods and for this reason it was often used to decorate tombs and pyramids. And the Greeks used it to decorate statues, fancy borders on manuscripts, sacred figures and soldiers. In their paintings it was used as a symbol of “excellence” in Christian Art.
       The Art of gilding has survived since ancient times and is still relevant today. Modern artists continue to transform ordinary objects into brilliant works of art, with skill and precision.  Many artists today mix a blend of gold leaf gilding with traditional paint techniques, as gold adds a “pop” of detail and color.
       The word “gilded” is also used to describe something as being covered or “bathed” in bright golden colored light, in such expressive phrases like, “as morning golds the skies,” or “the gilded leaves of autumn.”
       So, for the months of December and January, the OCAG Members will be showcasing their interpretations of “gilded” art in celebration of the Golden years of the Guild.  By doing so, they hope to highlight the priceless value of turning the ordinary….into something extra-ordinary….just like our beautiful Victorian Lady, the Ocean County Artist’s Guild! Happy 50th Golden Anniversary!!!

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