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Opening Reception is May 7th from 1-4 PM
The May show will be on view from May 6-25. See website for hours.

Studio: Artists Choice

Gallery 1: Aniko Nemeth (watercolor/colored pencil)

aniko nemethAniko Nemeth, a watercolorist, was born in Hungary and fled to America as a young child with her parents during the Hungarian Revolution. The family eventually settled into the Upper East Side in NYC. The most significant impressions Aniko took from her mother country were open blue skies, the majestic sunlight, edible fruit-bearing trees, and a colorful array of wildflowers. As a result, she independently journeyed through a vast series of challenges in a commercial art and design career in NYC to attain success as a freelance graphic designer. From 1983 through 2000, she formed a sole proprietorship, AN Graphic Enterprises, and Aniko Nemeth Design.
Aniko further engaged her interest in widening her knowledge about plants and florals in the NYC interior/exterior landscape design profession. She exhibited in a watercolor group show at The National Academy of Design, NYC, and studied botanical illustration at New York Botanical Garden. She designed dinnerware patterns for the surface home furnishing market. In 2012, Aniko had a personal essay, Artist Process, and artwork published in The Metropolitan Review. 

Gallery 2: DYOT group (Do Your Own Thing)

DYOT GROUPThe OCAG Do Your Own Thing group has been in existence for over 30 years. There has always been a core group of artists who anchor Do Your Own Thing group of happy and productive artists. Over the years members have come and gone for various reasons but two things always remain the same, friends in art. This group exemplifies what it means to a member of the Ocean County Artists Guild. This is a community of art friends who support, uplift, and inspire one another! This group meets Thursday ’s from 10 am – 4 pm respectfully. Lunch break is a special time for sharing thoughts about anything, also celebrating birthdays with joy. When you attend the DYOT Thursday Group you never know if you’ll encounter five members or standing room only, but please be certain, you will always be welcome to enjoy a fun and productive day.

Participants include: Carol Ann Oporto, Janet Frederiksen, Zenka Sommers, Sonia Schories, Clara Sue Beym, Ellen Scharfenberg, Tamara Woronczuk, Mary Jo Austin, Barbara Marsh, Jo Guscott, Nancy Lanzel, Ann Gormley

Please make sure you go to our Webpage to read testimonials from the Do Your Own Thing Group at

Pop-Up Gallery: Kerry Congdon (Art dolls)

To view a larger collection of her doll creations check out her website at: 

Kerry Congdon spiddlewicken

Kerry Congdon, aka Spiddlewicken, is a self-taught doll maker. Diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at two, and bipolar and borderline personality disorders at fourteen, the themes of disability and “the Other” are often explored in her work. These concepts are most often experienced through the lens of folklore and mythology. Born and raised in Ocean County, she took painting classes at the Guild as a child. A few pieces of her work were recently on display at the John F. Peto Studio Museum , in their exhibition “Craft As Art.” Due to the stamps on her frequent flier card, she is close to earning a complimentary stay at a nearby asylum. When she’s not making dolls or spending time with her offspring, Spiddlewicken can be found traipsing through the woods, having picnics in graveyards, and haunting the local library.

The stories that dolls can tell are inherently co-creative and interactive. They are dynamic by their very nature. Dolls are easy to anthropomorphize because of their often human like appearance. They lend themselves easily to a sort of playful animism that comes naturally in many cases. Every doll, whether manufactured or created by hand, almost always comes with the expectation of a backstory and/or personality. From Malibu Barbie to a custom Blythe, each doll comes with at least an essence of meaning that the owner can then build on. “Doll Lore” offers a unique view of myth, folklore, and legend both popular and obscure. While information on some of the dolls’ inspirations is freely available online, several of them are the artist’s original characters, often inspired by a combination of traditional tales and the artist’s personal fancy.

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