In the Gallery – November 2023

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Opening Reception is November 5th from 1-4 PM
The November show will be on view from November 6 – 28. See website for hours.

Studio – Members Choice Theme- “Fall Reflections”

Gallery 1 – Print Group “Empowered Impressions”

The Ocean County Artist Guild is set to host its highly anticipated annual print show in November 2023, showcasing the remarkable talent of women printmakers.
This event serves as a platform for these artists to exhibit their exceptional skills and creativity in printmaking techniques.
Each awarding winning artist brings forth her distinctive style, underscoring the diversity and richness within the field of printmaking. The show celebrates the multitude of approaches and perspectives, highlighting the individuality that exists in this art form.
Linocut prints are a type of block printing that utilizes hard rubber, a block, as the printing surface. Special cutting tools are employed to carve designs into the block, creating a relief surface. This carved block is then coated with ink and pressed onto paper, leaving an impression of the design. Linocuts are often produced in limited editions, making them unique and collectible.
Leslie Ovechka is the coordinator of the group. Through her prints she weaves intricate scenes that tell compelling stories. Cassie Krauss specializes in traditional printmaking, particularly the captivating black and white technique. Jo Guscott is known for layering multiple colors to create her pieces. Clara Sue Beym skillfully merges her watercolor backgrounds with layers creating unique prints. Michelle Dillon’s prints exudes a delightful sense of playfulness, utilizing vibrant colors and whimsical designs.
Each artist focused on the endangered species as a reminder of our planet’s fragile biodiversity.
Together, these women contribute significantly to the artist diversity and success of the group and are excited about exhibiting their prints at OCAG. 

Gallery 2 – Terry Konn

The show Colored Blind-ness by artist Terry Marie consists of watercolor, acrylic and oil paintings, sculpture, and mixed media pieces that provoke questions about our perceptions of race, coloredness, and ethnicity and our own bias and misconceived beliefs. Its aim is for the audience to recognize their preconceptions about race and ethnicity in an emotional and meaningful way.


The use of color in the exhibit creates a visual test to examine and contemplate our notion of what we see, how we perceive it and make judgment before considering and experiencing its beauty, diversity, and humanity. Understanding our bias and prejudices enables us to look beyond color and see the beauty of our world. The show will take the audience down a path of discovering their preconceptions of color and invite them to embrace the beauty of diversity.

Pop-Up Gallery – Ian Quigley “The Original Medicine of Breath”

I started making art a few years ago based on my time in Peru and Costa Rica. I decided that burning wood and carving it is the way to go for me. I spent time with nativen people in Peru and Costa Rica, and across the USA learning from them and occasionally working and volunteering for them. I got a lot of inspiration from this. During this time I was exposed to new forms of culture, music, and community, as well as spiritual practices that are very ancient. I spent time in nature and meditating. I also got a stronger sense of the history of the USA and the results that it has brought the indigenous people.
So, some of the inspiration comes from Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Columbia, and the eastern USA.

I started making art about 5 years ago in New Mexico as a way to cope with being totally alone and lost.

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