June 2024 in the Gallery

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Opening Reception is June 2nd from 1-4 PM
The June show will be on view through June 24th
See website for hours.

Studio – Ken Weiner “Silver/gold point

Gallery 1 – Wendy Kovacs-Retrospective Works

Born and raised in New Jersey, I have been blessed with a loving family, including a wonderful daughter, Debbie (my biggest fan) and a marriage to my high school sweetheart, Larry, that flourished for nearly 34 years. My journey as an artist restarted in Pennsylvania, where I took my first watercolor class in 2005 at the Academy of Lifelong Learning in Wilmington from Cynthia Kaufmann. This marked the start of a largely self-taught expedition into the world of watercolors—a medium that has since become my passion.

Over the years, I have honed my skills by taking classes from esteemed artists such as Ted Nuttal, Janet Rogers and Roberta Carter Clark. Their guidance has helped me refine my technique that enables me to create paintings that capture the essence of my subjects.

As a watercolor artist, my subject of choice is the figure. Family photos and my experiences have inspired most of my paintings. I try to capture a memory or moment that is special to me. My art reflects my life’s experiences, and the places & people I have met along the way.

Gallery 2 – Members Show “Artists Choice”
Only one entry allowed due to space constraints.

Pop-up – Diane Israel, Lorraine Dey and Simone Sheppard

You are cordially invited to attend a group exhibition showcasing the works of three esteemed OCAG members: Diane Israel, Lorraine Dey, and Simone Sheppard. Each artist brings forth a distinct artistic style to the event. Diane specializes in miniature watercolor art, Lorraine excels in acrylic paintings, and Simone showcases her creativity through pressed flowers. This exhibition guarantees to immerse attendees in the enchanting realm of miniatures. Mark your calendars as the exhibit commences on June 2nd and concludes on June 24th.

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