May 2024 in the Gallery

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Opening Reception is May 5th from 1-4 PM
The May show will be on view through May 28th
See website for hours.

Studio – “In the Garden” 

Gallery 1 – Suzanne Pasqualicchio – Up-Close-and-Personal” 

All my paintings are essentially self-portraits.  The work is a record of my existence and relationships in life. It involves personal discovery as well as the quieting of a nostalgic desire to hold on.  These themes span multiple phases — periods of growth, loss, and recovery through which the introspective becomes shared.  It is my belief that viewing the experiences of another person (through artistic expression) closes the gap between our differences and brings us closer to our shared humanity. 

 The body of work consists of oil and/or acrylic on canvas or panel.  Washes of color are built up in layers. Stamping techniques are used in the sketching. As a starting point, I use photographs in combination with other references: cards, fabric remnants, relics, images from nature and books.  The work is meditative, exploring both the melancholy and blissful. Through painting I develop resilience. The resulting growth gives me the courage and strength to face adversity. 

 Art making, for me, uniquely aligns the emotional and the visual with the intention of processing.  Ultimately, the fragments of past events are meshed with my current perspective and are re-experienced. Nostalgia morphs into better understanding and balance. 

Gallery 2 – Carol Ann Oporto & Barbara Marsh
“Golden Girls United-Art and Friendship”

Friendships come out of the blue and in various places.  For many, including Barbara Marsh and Carol Ann Oporto it came so naturally via the OCAG’s “Do Your Own Thing” Thursday Group.  The commitment to this group of amazing artists and some of the friendliest people brought us together.  No Critiquing,  but sharing ideas, hints and information come naturally, as does the laughter.  Barbara and Carol Ann wondered if each had produced enough art for a Solo Show and decided it would be great to have one together.  And so, in this the Guild’s 50th Anniversary year decided on the name for the show.  

Pop-up – OCAG Clay Group “The Roman Empire as Art Teacher”

We are a group of potters exploring hand building techniques: coil, slab, modeling and carving clay into
vessels, reliefs, and figures.
Some of our pieces are created by burnishing the clay with a smooth stone before bisque firing, a technique invented by indigenous tribes in the southwest, and revived by the present day Martínez family of potters.


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