A Message from the President

Sunset on Deerhead Lake, photo by Kim Cesaretti

The Sun is Setting
Summer is almost here and despite my best efforts to slow it, time flies and keeps marching on.  The sun is setting on my two-year tenure as President of OCAG.  As the spring air fills with the promise of new beginnings, so does the spirit of our beloved Guild. It is with great enthusiasm that I announce the upcoming 2024-2025 OCAG Executive Board Election! This pivotal event invites each of you to step forward and help shape the future of our artistic community.

We are seeking nominations for the following esteemed positions:

President:  The guiding star of OCAG, the President is responsible for leading the Guild with vision and integrity. We seek a charismatic leader who can inspire, engage, and represent our community with passion.

Vice President:  The right hand of the President, the Vice President steps in when the President is unavailable and assists in all executive matters. A candidate for this role should be adaptable, reliable, and ready to lead.  The ideal candidate should succeed the President in the next election cycle.

Recording Secretary: The keeper of records, the Recording Secretary meticulously documents the minutes of our meetings and maintains our historical archives. Attention to detail and a love for history are key for this role.

Treasurer: The guardian of our finances, the Treasurer manages the Guild’s budget, financial planning, and reporting. We seek someone with a head for numbers and a heart for transparency.

Membership Secretary: The welcoming face of OCAG, the Membership Secretary manages member records and recruitment. If you have a knack for organization and a warm, inviting demeanor, this role is for you.

Corresponding Secretary: The voice of our Guild, the Corresponding Secretary handles all external communications. We desire a candidate with excellent writing skills and a flair for correspondence.

Trustees (up to 9): The pillars of our Guild, the Trustees provide oversight and strategic guidance. We are looking for individuals with diverse perspectives and a commitment to the arts.

The members of the 2024-25 Election Committee are:  Terry Konn, Kim Daley, and Beatriz Marquez.  Please contact our Office Manager and member of the 2024/25 OCAG Election Committee, Beatriz, at 732-270-3111 (Landline) or info@ocartistsguild.org (Email) to throw your name in the ring and submit your interest in becoming an OCAG Board Member!

The OCAG is a tapestry woven from the threads of every member’s talent and dedication. If you believe in the power of art to transform, connect, and enrich our lives, I encourage you to consider a role on the Executive Board. Together, we can paint a vibrant future for the Ocean County Artists’ Guild.

Warm regards,

Kimberly A. Cesaretti
President (2022-2024)
Ocean County Artists’ Guild