Planting Seed
Spring is almost here! ‘Tis the season to start thinking about what seeds we would like to plant for the summer growing season. OCAG artists, members, and soon-to-be members may start thinking about what seeds of inspiration they would like to plant – perhaps an idea for a new piece of art or a series of paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, or sculptures. On a personal level, we may be looking to plant the seeds of positivity or a place to plant our artistic selves. The Guild is your soft, fertile ground to land, take root, grow your creative genius, show your art and get noticed!

Detail of OCAG Mural

The Guild cordially invites you to plant your seeds of creativity here! Start now and start right where you are. Believe that you have everything you need in your possession right now to “spring” into your art journey. We believe in you and we’re here and ready to help you thrive! Click here, scan the code, or type to renew your membership or join today!

At the Guild, I am excited about the upcoming installation and unveiling of our mural along with the plantings of flowers and greenery on our beautiful grounds. Planting these seeds of beauty will increase our curb appeal and attract visitors and patrons to enter our doors and experience the awe of your creative genius gracing our gallery walls. It will also provide a more idyllic outdoor space for plein air painting and special events.

If you have a passion for gardening or a green thumb, please consider joining our House and Grounds Committee. We would appreciate your ideas to help reimagine our outdoor spaces. To join our House and Grounds Committee, please email us at

We are also sowing more seeds of opportunity to show your art in local community venues like Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea and Cool Beans (a new opportunity thanks to Luis Rivera!). Thank you to Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea and Cool Beans for supporting the arts in our community!

As an art instructor here at the Guild, I, along with my fellow OCAG instructors, provide the good soil needed to feed and nurture the seeds of creative genius in each of our students. It’s such an honor and a privilege to witness new artists take root and grow.

Click here, scan the code, or type  in your browser to learn how you can take your artistic growth to the next level!

Please know that we are always looking for new instructors with a passion for sharing their unique talents with our students. Teaching artists are invited to submit their ideas for demos, artists talks, classes and workshops to Passionate art educators may even consider the opportunity to volunteer as Education Committee Chair. Contact us at to learn more about how you can help us forge a premier creative path to success for our students and members. Our next Education Committee Meeting is April 13th at 6pm.

Wherever you are in your art journey, you will find fertile ground here at the Guild to grow and realize your dreams for your art. Come grow with us! Have a wonderful Spring!

Warmest Regards,
Kim Cesaretti
OCAG President 2022-2023