Nurturing Growth and Transformation, Building Strength

Summer is here! In the last edition, I talked about planting seeds. So, what seeds did you plant? I do hope that whatever it was, you decided to plant some joy, happiness, and positivity in your life, and that those seeds landed on fertile ground and have sprouted and started to grow strong. That is what we strive to do here at the Guild!
OCAG growth begins with our wonderful members. Our organization’s strength starts with a strong member base. Growing our base helps up create more fertile ground to grow more artists, art lovers, and our local creative arts culture. We are fortunate that we also have our beautiful Victorian lady, our gathering place, soft space to land, our touchstone, where artists come to find “the others” and a sense of purpose and belonging. The Guild is where the art and artists are!

Our Victorian Gem

We are living in a time of tremendous change which, at times, may seem overwhelming. Thankfully, the current Executive Board has been busy this year planting seeds of positive change. To meet new challenges, it will be necessary to reinvent ourselves in the near future. We need your support to help us make the Guild the best version of itself! The success of our organization and our membership depends not on a few Board members and Trustees, but on the support and great efforts of members and volunteers like you!
It’s amazing what we have been able to accomplish and set in motion this year! Thank you to each and every one of you who has volunteered and served the Guild this year! Because of you, we are able to consistently add value to our fellow members and the local community. I believe that with enough fertile ground in the form of new volunteers, we will be able to reinvent ourselves so that we can continue to achieve our vision to be the region’s premier destination for art education and cultural experiences.

“How can I help?” I thought you’d never ask! ; ) Keep reading…!

Well, we have an upcoming election for the OCAG Executive Board. We need to have a few members on our Election Committee. Please contact Katie Miskolcy at to let us know you would like to serve on this committee. It wouldn’t be a huge time commitment and all you need is a phone, the ability to send email, and maybe attend a few meetings.

Image Credit: Blair Goold, Pastor at Island Heights United Methodist Church

Image Credit: Blair Goold

Also, we will have a few vacancies on the Executive Board for 2023/24.
Please contact our Office Manager and member of the 2023/24 OCAG Election Committee, Katie Miskolcy, at 732-270-3111 (Landline) or (Email) to throw your name in the ring and submit your interest in becoming an OCAG Board Member.


OCAG Board Positions are as follows:
• President
• Vice President
• Recording Secretary
• Treasurer
• Membership Secretary
• Corresponding Secretary
• Trustees
Board of Trustees
• Up to 9 trustees

Help Us Help You and the OCAG Become the Best Version of Itself!

Another way you can help is by joining an OCAG Committee. Our committees, staffed by many dedicated member volunteers, are the lifeblood of our organization. They feed our growth, enhance the experiences of our members, and keep us strong. Anyone with a desire to help or be involved with the organization can become a member of a committee. Many hands make for light work. Please check your email box for upcoming Calls for Volunteers.

Our current list of OCAG Committees is as follows:

Publicity/Social Media
Marketing (NEW!)
House and Grounds
Garden Club (NEW!)
Handy Heroes (NEW!)
Working Artists
Special Events
Technical Support

We have a few other exciting new volunteer opportunities, too! Do you like to party? Currently, we are in need of Chairs for Sailfest 2023 and OCAG 50th Anniversary Planning committees.

Sailfest is like a big block party! We set up a few tents, provide some entertainment, hand out information and brochures, and do a little craft with the kids that stop by. It’s a great opportunity to show the public who we are,
what we do, and where they can find us and join us!

Our organization is celebrating a milestone in 2024 – our 50th Anniversary! Help us “Gild the Guild” by joining this fun committee and brainstorming the many ways we can celebrate our Golden Anniversary! I have an idea that I would like to share! You’ll have to get in touch with me to learn about it though! ; )
Please reach out to me to learn more about the committees, volunteer
opportunities, and how to lead or join one! You can reach me at 732-814-2018 (Mobile/Text) or by email at You can also contact me directly with any other questions or ideas you have. My lines are open!
Have a wonderful summer!
Warmest Regards,
Kim Cesaretti
OCAG President 2022-2023

P.S.: Don’t forget to come to our next OCAG General Membership Meeting on Monday, June 5th! Refreshments will be served and there will be a drawing for a gift card! Check your email inbox for more details! Looking forward to seeing you there!