Highlights of OCAG Executive Minutes of January 2018

  1. Final clarification and decision regarding “abandoned” Art to be held for 60 Days at the Guild.
  2. New OCAG Website will be going live Monday, January 22nd. Discussion followed regarding articles for Web and Newsletter and when they are due.
  3. Membership reported we have 62 new members for the year for a total of 350 paid to date.
  4. Workshop Chair is working on a brochure for the Workshops and would like them printed and ready to include in a packet.
  5. Lighting for walkways greatly needed, and most solar walkway lights were broken due to snow removal after the storm.  A search for a reliable electrician is underway to investigate what is needed and of course an estimate of work.

The need and search for Program/DEMO Chair replacement discussed.

Send us your Members’ News with Subject header "Newsletter, to or by mail to:
P.O. Box 1156, Island Heights, NJ 08732.

Attention All Artists

If you plan on dropping off new work for the Gift Shop, please notify Kath Gregitis first. Kath will then come in to inventory your work into the book.

Thank You, 

Kath Gregitis 

Member News

Officers for the 2017-2018 Year
    President - Carol Ann Oporto
    Vice President - Peggy Trerotola
    Treasurer - Arlette Malivernier
    Recording Secretary - Marilyn Domilski
    Corresponding Secretary - Carol Colvin
    Membership Secretary - Wendy Kovacs

Joanne Pisapia received the Pat Shepherd Abstract Award at the Pine Shores Art Association’s 2017 Spring Art Show for her watercolor painting, “Marlin Mania”.
Congratulations to Beverly Golembeski voted Best in Show for OCAG’s “Beauty of New Jersey.” Bev’s art was the watercolor, “Fun Town Carousel.” Thank you to all of our members who contributed to this very juried show.

Please note the following corrections of the prize winners at the Ocean County College 41st Annual Senior Citizens Art Exhibit, June 16th, 2017:
Arlette Malivernier, Pastel, Professional, 1st Place
Enid Osborne, Pastel, Non-Professional, 1st Place

Have you received an award or honor recently? Or have you been included in a solo or juried show? Please send the info to

Letter from the President

February 2018

“Creativity Is Not A Hobby, It Is A Way Of Life”

​Hello to all Members, and I know I’ve said it before, but Happy New Year.  We now have the 2017 Holiday’s behind us and it’stime to look forward to a fun and productive 2018.

​Our February begins this New Year of Demo’s with something new with Maureen Chervenick of Crop a Cabana, Toms River. Come join us on Wednesday, February 28th, sounds like fun, so don’t miss it.

​Great and exciting news, the OCAG will finally be launching our new Website on January 22nd, and as most things in life this has taken longer than we had originally anticipated.  We will now be able to pay for Classes and Workshops through our Website, which will remain the same,

​Please go to our Website and glance at all our Winter Classes and up-coming Workshops we have to offer.  Our first is one we’ve long awaited, Richard Lewis – I PHONEOGRAPHY FEBRUARY 13TH(PART I)  & MARCH 13TH – (PART II) and I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for this a long time. This Workshop is for all Smart Phones, and I’ll see you there.


Warmest of regards,

Carol Ann Oporto 
President OCAG